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Clients who enlist the assistance of Suzanne I. Seubert and her staff receive personalized legal representation tailored to their specific family situation.  Suzanne recognizes the difficult emotions that accompany family law issues, and discusses the stress that the case may cause the individual and family.

Suzanne is dedicated to seeing cases through to completion, while efficiently addressing issues that arise along the way. She and her staff work diligently to keep clients informed by sending them copies of documents that are received or filed pertaining to their cases and through telephone contact about the status and progress of their cases.

Family law encompasses many different issues. Suzanne focuses her attention on the following:


Adoption can be a beautiful way to create a family. Working with an attorney throughout the adoption process, which can sometimes be legally complicated, helps protect your growing family from unnecessary turmoil and stress and protects the well-being of the child being adopted.



An experienced attorney, such as Suzanne, can help you deal with a divorce and the various issues that may arise throughout the course of resolving the dissolution of marriage.


Guardianships of Minor Children

Sometimes, parents are unable to care for their child on a day to day basis and other adults, often relatives such as grandparents, or aunts and uncles are willing to provide care, support and protection for a child, without terminating the legal parents’ rights.



As the Delaware Supreme Court has recognized, there are fewer rights more sacred than the parent child relationship. In all cases, Suzanne’s guiding principle is focusing on the child’s best interest, knowing that almost any difficulty will be answered when seen through that lens.


Third Party (Grandparent) Rights

In cases where parents of a child are not married, or no longer married, a grandparent may be able to obtain recognition of his or her rights independent of the parent’s rights.


Other Family Law Issues

In addition to the areas listed above, Suzanne handles cases in the following types of family law cases:

  • Non-traditional parental issues, including Assisted Reproductive Technology cases
  • Prenuptial agreements

Suzanne and her staff take each client seriously and try to deal with each in a sensitive manner. Cases are approached in a calm, methodical and personalized way to ensure that clients’ concerns are addressed. Suzanne also tries to help clients grasp the long-term effects that family law cases may have on their lives. Together, Suzanne and her clients identify the desired outcome and the best strategy to optimize the probability of achieving it.

Contact the Delaware office of Suzanne I. Seubert to schedule an appointment with Ms. Seubert. A reduced-rate consultation is available. If you are facing legal issues in Delaware but live out of state, a phone consultation can be arranged.


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