The Most Fun I Ever Had In Family Court

The most fun I ever had in Family Court was in May, 2015 when my clients and I attended a hearing for their adoption of a young woman. Because Family Court cases are confidential and lawyers, including me, protect the privacy of our clients, no names are shared below.

The clients had met the young woman through their minister. She was born outside the U.S. and her parents had passed away. My clients had grown children, and felt they could give this young woman a warm, loving home here in Delaware.

As part of the adoption process, the young woman chose to change her name. The judge, who frequently dealt with the adoption of young children, asked if she needed her magic wand to authorize the name change. (The judge, of course, is empowered by Delaware law to change the name of a person being adopted. But, the wand certainly made it more fun.) A cautious, but affirmative response was given and we waited a short period for the wand to be retrieved from the judge’s chambers.

While we were waiting, I suggested to the adoptive mother that she wouldn’t have to change any diapers with this “child.” Her immediate and enthusiastic response was that better yet – there would be no tuition! (The young woman had already graduated from college.)

When the wand arrived, the judge gently tapped the young woman on the shoulder bestowing her with her new name. We all left court that morning beaming from ear to ear.

I am especially thankful that a colleague in Wilmington referred the clients to me for this most meaningful event.

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