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Moving is like planting a new garden.  It begins with finding and considering the new location, size and site conditions.  In this case, the new location of my office is at 521 N. West Street, Wilmington, DE, which simply and beautifully accommodates my practice which has changed organically over time.  The location will also be more convenient for clients in terms of parking and easy handicap accessibility.

A new garden design also permits the continuing cultivation of colorful favorites.  In my practice such favorites include representing individuals seeking legal authority to exercise powers necessary to protect the well-being of adults in guardianships in the Court of Chancery (when the adults have failed or are not able to execute powers of attorney), to protect minors through guardianship in Family Court, to probate estates, to execute estate planning documents, gestational carrier agreements, and to obtain pre-birth orders of parentage determination.

While looking forward to the new garden, my thoughts stray fondly to the 22 years spent in my old garden.  At the prior office location, I had the good fortune to share space and time with Christine K. Demsey, Esquire (now retired).  She was the best mentor, adviser and occasional devil’s advocate I could have hoped for during those years.  I will remember that time and look forward to the adventures in the new garden.

Remember, plant native because:

No Natives = No Bees = No Food = No Us

Click Here for Directions to Suzanne I. Seubert Law Office

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