gaurdianship-delawareAs the Delaware Supreme Court has recognized, there are fewer rights more sacred than the parent child relationship. The U. S. Supreme Court recognized the right to procreate as an essential human liberty decades ago, and for more than 10 years, Delaware has had a public policy of recognizing all parents – single, same sex or married – regardless of whether parents are genetically related to their children.

In addition to helping clients become parents through adoption and assisted reproductive technology, we are privileged to have assisted many parents to become legally recognized as parents. Suzanne was one of the first attorneys to litigate whether Family Court would recognize same sex partners as parents of each other’s children. In other cases, Suzanne has assisted clients to be legally recognized as ‘de facto’ parents – a term used to describe parents who, with the support and consent of the biological parent(s), have established a relationship with their child by caring for, supporting and providing for the child’s physical, mental and emotional health over a significant length of time. We have also helped parents in securing their rights by filing pre-birth orders to establish parentage upon the birth of a child, so that there is no delay in recognizing who has decision-making authority in case of an emergency.

In all cases, Suzanne’s guiding principle is focusing on the child’s best interest, knowing that almost any difficulty will be answered when seen through that lens.


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