Guardianships of Minor Children

Minor ChildrenSometimes, parents are unable to care for their child on a day to day basis and other adults, often relatives such as grandparents, or aunts and uncles are willing to provide care, support and protection for a child without terminating the legal parents’ rights. In such cases, we have helped our clients obtain guardianship of minor children through a guardianship order, which authorizes the adult to make medical and other day-to-day decisions. When appropriate, we can include a provision for visitation with parents in such orders based on the best interest of the child.

Suzanne has also successfully filed petitions on behalf of family members seeking to become guardians of their minor cousins/nieces/nephews from foreign countries in order to qualify the minors for special immigration juvenile status. The federal immigration requirements are necessarily rigorous. But, in every case, the young people have been exposed to unimaginable conditions in their home countries, and they are grateful for being allowed to stay in the U.S.


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