Elder Law in Delaware

Estate planning is an essential part of aging. It is important that your assets and wishes are protected in the event that you are unable to communicate your preferences due to incapacitation or death.

estate-law-delawareThe staff at the office of Suzanne I. Seubert is sensitive to the needs of individuals that are facing these issues.

To begin the estate planning process clients are sent a form asking for financial and personal information. Some of the information requested may be financially sensitive and private, but disclosure is necessary to accurately assess your situation and, ultimately, to create a comprehensive estate plan that meets your needs. Confidentiality of the information is strictly maintained.

Suzanne assists clients in the creation and interpretation of documents and designations such as:


A will names/appoints a person responsible for paying your bills and directs the distribution of assets upon your death. Having a comprehensive, properly executed will helps ensure that your estate is managed in accordance with your wishes.


There are different types of trusts that are designed to achieve a variety of goals. By reviewing your situation, Suzanne can determine the best type of trust to establish in order to suit your needs. She handles a wide range of trust matters, including living or revocable trusts and testamentary trusts.
Suzanne also handles estate planning matters related to:

  • Advance health care directives (also known as Living Wills in some states)
  • Durable Powers of Attorney for financial matters

When a person has failed to execute documents naming an agent to act in case of the principal’s incapacity, a guardianship is also needed. More information is available on our Guardianships page.

Estates and Probate

Suzanne represents administrators as they probate the estate of a relative or loved one who has passed away.

Contact a member of the staff at the office of Suzanne I. Seubert to schedule an appointment to discuss your case. A reduced-rate consultation is available. If you have legal issues in Delaware but live out of state, a phone consultation can be arranged.

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